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Sanitary systems: The responsible use of water.

Water is one of our most precious commodities. Whether it's a refreshing sip of pure drinking water, a revitalising shower or a relaxing bath - water stands for well-being. It is a privilege that we in Donauwörth value and use with care.

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Are you dreaming of a modern and functional bathroom? Let us provide you with professional advice on all aspects of sanitation. Contact us now and turn your dream bathroom into reality!

Complete service for your dream bathroom and more

In Donauwörth, we are your contact for everything to do with sanitary facilities. We offer you a comprehensive service, from supplies suitable for drinking water and economical and aesthetic sanitary ceramics to professional waste water disposal, filtering and recycling. Private sanitary facilities with special highlights, such as sophisticated steam showers or comfortable bathtubs with massage function, are also part of our portfolio in Donauwörth.
We are not only experts in bathrooms, but also in pool and swimming pool technology. Having your own pool is not just a highlight in summer - with the right technologies, it can also become a relaxing place in winter. Imagine soothing whirlpools in the winter cold, which we can realise for you. When it comes to plumbing in Donauwörth, we attach great importance to sustainable solutions, especially when it comes to filtering and recycling water. We also offer efficient heating technology for pools and swimming pools.

Plumbing, heating, air conditioning, solar, rental park and renovation of old buildings. Lebedew Haustechnik is your expert!
Plumbing, heating, air conditioning, solar, rental park and renovation of old buildings. Lebedew Haustechnik is your expert!

Expertise in all aspects of water pipes and quality assurance

In Donauwörth, we are your specialist for plumbing, from water pipe infrastructure to supply, treatment and drainage. Our focus is not only on the provision of clean drinking and service water, but also on the professional installation of pipework, which has a significant impact on water quality. Our special filter technologies reliably remove limescale and the smallest impurities. Our limescale filters ensure soft water that does not cause unwanted deposits in household appliances. This means that limescale stains in your bathroom and damaged household appliances caused by limescale in Donauwörth are a thing of the past.

Responsible water use is also important to us: we are committed to using only as much water as necessary. We treat every drop efficiently. And thanks to our expertise in the field of sanitation in Donauwörth, the use of rainwater can also be easily and sensibly integrated into everyday life.